¡Voy a México!

Today I will be arriving in Puebla, Mexico. I will be there for three weeks and will be taking a Spanish Conversation class and a class covering Mexican Culture and Cuisine. I have been waiting for this trip for so long and I am so excited to finally depart for the adventure. Hopefully, I will get over my fear of speaking in Spanish. I have read online that Puebla is one of the best places for non-native speakers to practice the Spanish. I am hoping that that is exactly true! I really struggle to force myself to practice my language. It is truly a humbling experience and a great challenge to try to communicate in a language that you are not fluent in. However, I am ready to talk slow and make mistakes because I am LEARNING and (hopefully) improving. And I am so PROUD of that!

Also, here is a funny/embarrassing story for your enjoyment and my discomfort. Traveler’s Sickness is a real problem when visiting Mexico. Resultantly, it is advised that travelers bring anti-diarrheals and other stomach medications when visiting. Ugh. This sounds entirely inconvenient and gross, so naturally I took it upon myself to over-prepare and purchase 6 different medications that alleviate this issue. This past week, I went to Walmart to make this purchase. As I stood in the checkout line, I had these 6 medications in my hands. As my only purchases. Just a ton of anti-diarrheals. And me. Naturally, this is the time that I see 3 people that I have not talked to in AGES. Aaah, so embarrassing. If you were one of those people, here is your explanation. Don’t worry about me, just being prepared per usual!!

Anyways…… we made it to Houston! We are finally only one flight away from our final destination. I will post another update when I make it there and have more to talk about. That’s it, for now! Wish me luck as I embark on this adventure!!!

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