El Mercado de Cholula

Today we had another excision to the Mercado Municipal de Cholula. Wow! What a fun time that was. The market was full of fresh fruits, vegetables, butcher shops (okay yikes honestly), small mini-restaurants, spice shops, shoes, clothing, and so much more! The only thing that I am able to compare this market to is La Boquería in Barcelona.

Me looking generally overwhelmed in the Mercado.
El chile. At this specific shop, I got to taste Mole Paste (it is better when incorporated into the completed sauce).
La fruta

Our guide explained that these markets are important because people from smaller towns outside of Cholula / Puebla come to sell and buy goods in the market. El Mercado is said to be the center of culture / life here in Cholula. How cool is that.

As soon as we finished at the market, we ventured outside to some street vendors. I bought some swanky souvenirs that I am excited to gift.

There are vendors selling balloons from huge bundles (like this) all over the city. I love them!!!!!!!! Today I saw a vendor trying his bunch of balloons to the top of his car (he only popped two in this process). I never considered what a hassle they would be to transport.
A stand that sells various types of typical snacks (some of which were bugs). We decided to try the crickets and the grasshoppers. They had chili and lime on them and were nice and crunchy. They tasted alright (although I don’t think that I need another any time soon).

After exploring a bit more, we got on our bus and headed back to Puebla (the city). We had a quick meal at a popular place inside the UPAEP Cafeteria. I had a chicken sandwich and a mango smoothie. A refreshing meal after the many heavy / rich meals that I have recently had.

After lunch, we had class. This evening, we are going as a group to see Spiderman (in Spanish). It should be good! I’m excited! (: ¡Hasta luego!


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  1. Omg!! I would be in hog heaven at that market!!! Sooo many great experiences!! Love the great descriptions!! Also a great pic of u!!🍅🥑

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