This Semester is Almost Over (????)

YAY!!! I did the college thing!!! I feel like my first semester went very well overall and in this class. Although I don’t have my final grades in yet, I have pretty solid grades that I am proud of. I have also been involved in several organizations including Sooner Freshman Council, President’s Leadership Class, OU Cousins, Student Alumni Association, Dinner with a Dozen, The Big Event’s Operations Staff, and my sorority. I am looking forward to next semester and the following years. I know that it is waaaay too early to be looking forward to graduation and whatnot, but college and learning more about my major makes me so excited to graduate and start working in my field. Like I said, I know that I have many more things to look forward to before that, but nonetheless exciting! I really enjoying exploring the parts of campus and campus organizations that I was unfamiliar with, especially being from Norman. I really did not enjoy my math class, haha. I am so excited to continue prioritizing academics and getting involved on campus next semester and in the rest of my time at OU. I honestly did not expect to enjoy coming to OU this much. Boomer Sooner!

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