The International Bazaar


Today I attended the International Bazaar which took place in the South Oval. The International Bazaar transformed the South Oval into what felt like an international marketplace. Many of the vendors were dressed up in traditional/international clothing. As a whole, the event was very brightly colored with traditional clothing and decorative table cloths. There were crafts and international decorations for sale. Many of the booths were selling things relevant to their culture, while some were not. For example, the “Turkey” booth was selling handmade beads and jewelry. There were people at the table making the jewelry during the event. The “India” booth was selling tapestries in both Queen and Full sizes. They were magnificent and I probably would have bought one if I had had any cash with me. The Iranian Student Association was handing out hot tea and a traditional pastry, which I was able to try. Although I did not catch the name of the pastry at the event, I have determined that it is the Ghotab/Qottab Pastry. It was quite enjoyable and it is pictured in this post. Also, for reasons unknown, there was a miniature horse that you could pay to take photos with. Not going to lie, I was tempted, although I did not have any cash with me.

I think that the International Bazaar was very effective in promoting other cultures and interesting students in studying abroad. I am proud to go to a university that often sponsors these events.

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  1. I wish I had been able to go to the International Bazaar! It looked like such an amazing event. What I love about OU is that we foster such a sense of community that w are able to have events like the International Bazzar and everyone that attends both gets to 3experience all of these cultures while feeling like they are safe and sound right at home with their friends arg the same time. I love that OU sponsors events like these and that OU is so committed to diversity, it really enhances the college experience.

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