El Cuatro de Julio

Last night we had a WoNdERfuL dinner at a Italian restaurant. It was super nice and had white table cloths, nice decor, all the works, etc. I had baked penne pasta with 2 glasses of wine. All for about $26 USD. WOW!!! How lovely!! If you ever want to suddenly feel super rich while still ballin’ on a budget, I would recommend coming here!!

Later that night, we went to a bar called Cervecería Rosarito. It was very chill and we had a great time! We celebrated the 4th of July by having a few drinks and speaking English (which is a treat when you have intense Spanish classes basically all day)!! After we were finished at the Cervecería, we headed to another bar called El Tigre. El Tigre was LIT because they had a live Mariachi band. HOW COOL!!! You can watch them (here) as they sing none other than Despacito. We danced, we laughed, we had a GREAT time. Definitely one of my favorite, yet untraditional, 4th of July celebrations yet!

Fast forward to this morning when we ate Cheez-Its for breakfast to save a little time and get some more zzz’s. We had a great day of class today. It started pOurINg (again!!!) as we left campus, so we caught an Uber. We had a great conversation in Spanish with our sweet driver – he definitely got 5 stars!!!

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  1. Oh my, what fun! I’m so thrilled that you get to have this experience! Speak as much as you can! (SPANISH of course!) Be safe!

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