Is it possible that maybe the only reason that I ever wanted to go to college is so that I would have the opportunity to study abroad? Hmm, probably not. However, the past few weeks have made me more excited than ever to study abroad. I mentioned in my last post that I was excited to learn about all of the opportunities and places that I would be able to visit, and today…I DID THAT!!! Today I went to the Study Abroad Fair and got to meet representatives from many of the study abroad programs offered through OU. I talked to Shanna Vincent about OU’s Journey Program to China. This would take place for 3-4 weeks over the summer. I spoke with several different representatives from longer programs that travel to other Asian countries. It made me want to pick up Chinese as a second language. Maybe someday! I think that the OU Journey trip to China would be a good way to travel to Asia, and potentially motivate me to study Chinese as a third language eventually.

Additionally, I was intrigued by the vast quantity of programs that traveled to Australia. I had no idea that Australia was such a hub for study abroad adventures, but the idea was surely intriguing. I also learned about the study abroad opportunity to Oxford for students in OU’s Honors College. With this opportunity, you are able to complete Capstone classes necessary to graduate with an OU Honors diploma at Oxford. This sounds like a great opportunity abroad, however I would like to travel to a country that doesn’t speak English. Or more specifically, a country that speaks my target language, Spanish. Moving forward, I plan to do some further research on programs to England. I am very interested in British culture, yet it is important to me that I do my semester abroad in a country that speaks predominantly another language. Maybe I will be able to find a summer program in Britain. That would be the best of both worlds! Right now, my biggest problem is that I have too many options. That seems like a good problem to have.

P.S. I’m not saying that it was the best part, or anything like that, but I DID get a free snow cone at the study abroad fair, so that was a plus.

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