Scholarship Essay Galore!

For this reflection, we are supposed to pick an essay from one of the scholarships that we are interested in applying for, and write one of the essays required for it. Here is an essay that I wrote for the Truman Scholarship Program, based of of the topic, “describe an example of your leadership.” As I have had very few leadership experiences in college thus far, I have crafted my essay based on a leadership experience that I had in high school. Here goes!

At the beginning of my sophomore year, I enrolled myself in a “DECA” class not knowing what to expect. I could not be more grateful for this experimental selection. Since my introduction to DECA, an international organization of marketing students, I have accumulated two State Championship Medals, have traveled across the entire country participating in DECA conferences, and have been elected to represent thousands of Oklahoma DECA students on the international level as the Oklahoma DECA State President.

I decided to run for state office only after seeing potential for improvement in the organization. In the past eight months of my presidency, I have been working to grow our membership, create more competitions, increase our annual charitable donation (from $354 to nearly $22,000), and improve Oklahoma DECA’s image on an international level. These efforts have been successful, and it is thrilling to see this organization thrive. This opportunity has greatly impacted my confidence, public speaking abilities, and my ultimate career goals.

My DECA experience has been influential in developing my leadership goals; I aim to push back the boundaries of success for both my organization and its members. I strive to achieve these goals by enabling others to succeed. Encouragement and celebration are the two most important motivators to a team working towards a mutual goal. The real-world experiences provided in my year as State President have prepared me to assume future leadership roles and responsibilities in my local and larger communities. Also, the past two years participating in DECA have confirmed my decision to aspire to join the business world.

Above all, my leadership experience in DECA has taught me to respect all who contribute to a group, that everyone can be a leader, and that leadership is largely about helping others achieve their personal potentials and goals.

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