¡Primera Dia de Clase!

Me in front of the building where we have out Spanish class. It is at UPAEP, which is a local private university that partners with the University of Oklahoma. It has a lovely urban campus and OU has its own little lounge!! LOVE IT!!!

We got up bright and early and had our “Welcome Breakfast” at the restaurant where we have breakfast vouchers for the entire trip. Let me tell you, it was deliciosooooo! I had eggs with green sauce and some delicious carrot juice. There is a menu of about 12 things that we can get with our vouchers and I can’t wait to try them all!

From the restaurant, we went to our first class. It was my Culture and Cuisine class. I had imagined that we would be in the kitchen every day cooking and learning new recipes. Turns out, we will have a lecture on Tuesday, and excursion on Wednesday, and a “lab” on Thursday. So, today was our first lecture. It was very interesting and entirely in Spanish. Our lecturer talked about societal values, religion, Mexican culture, etc.

From our first class, we went to lunch. We went to a cute little cafe where you got 1 appetizer, a meal, 2 sides, and dessert for MEX$54. Ugh so expensive, right????? HAHA well jokes on you, because MEX$54 is approximately $3 USD. AND IT WAS SOOO YUMMY!! I got a tostada with chicken and it was delicious. And a starter salad. And 2 sides, although I’m not really sure what they were because I got flustered while ordering and picked the first two that I saw on the menu. And banana flan. ALL FOR $3!!!! Guys, this is a dream!!!!!!

From lunch we went to our second class: Spanish Conversation. It was great! I love our professor and it seems like it will really help me improve my speaking skills. But boy am I pooped! We’ve been up and speaking/listening to Spanish for a good 10 hours. I gotta say, it’s hard work!

When we finished class, it was pouring. It is storm season here, which I loved, except when totally unprepared and the storm comes out of a nice sunny sky!!! A few of us decided to Uber back to our apartment. When we arrived, we realized that we had left the window in our bathroom open (lolol haha oops sry). All is well now; it’s just a funny and unexpected happening!!

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