Paris, France

Welp, as you can tell, I kind of fell off of the blogging train during my trip to Europe. I may not have electronically documented proof that I traveled to said countries, but the memories and written notes that I brought back to the States are enough for me. However, while in Paris, I did make a list of everything that I did on each day. I will post the list here, more for myself than anyone else. Nonetheless, feel free to read along. Perhaps even close your eyes and imagine that you were there yourself! It was magical!!


The evening that we got there:

  • Walked around (Notre Dame, Shakespeare Bookstore, Love Locks on the bridge)
  • Lunch at a random restaurant near the hotel because it was raining
  • Dinner at the restaurant by the sand park
  • Oyster snack after dinner with a nice man that had a neck brace
  • Gelato (the first of many late-night gelato trips!!!)

Day 1:

  • Breakfast at the hotel
  • Catacombs — our guide was a bit slow, but very informational; lots of bones.
  • Delicious lunch; ravioli and rocket salad (this was in the Francisco Square)
  • Conciergerie — a prison where people were kept before their executions (no executions actually took place here). There was a chapel for Marie Antionette, where her jail cell was located.
  • Cemetery — Oscar Wilde & Jim Morrison
  • Oysters for dinner // Thompson’s had Indian food by the hotel
  • Gelato — same place as the night before (our favorite!!!)

Day 2:

  • Flea Market — lots of antiques and whatnot
  • Lipp Restaurant for Lunch
  • Museo de Orsay
  • Met up with backpackers — Hannah, Kevin, Adran, Mason, Chika, Emily H., Marc, Sarah M.
  • Eiffel Tower at night and a crepe (dark chocolate)
  • Wine @ Airbnb

    Got to meet up with some PLC pals that were backpacking. We went for crepes, to the tower, and back to their Airbnb.

Day 3:

  • Lourve — we had a very nice and informational guide
  • Lunch at the Lourve — sandwich on a nice baguette
  • Walking adventure (MoMA was closed, walked 7 miles alone)
  • Fru-fru fancy 5-course dinner // the Thompson’s ate Mexican food!

    Mona Lisa at the Lourve.

Day 4:

  • Disneyland Paris
  • Chicken wrap for lunch @ the Park
  • Middle Eastern buffet for dinner @ the Park
  • Joe & Rebecca:
    • Restaurant Supply Market
    • Food area by The Market
    • Lunch @ delicatessen (long ham and cheese sandwich, torta, raspberry pastry)
    • Dinner @ Chez Ferdnand

      Disneyland Paris

Day 5:

  • Versailles — we had a great guide (Serge). The gardens were amazing (and my favorite part)!! It was also interesting to see all of the bedrooms.
  • Lunch at Versailles — salad with pine nuts and Brie cheese
  • Italian Dinner — truffle pasta, pizza, etc.

    Me in the gardens in Versailles

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