my new cOUsins !!!

Last Wednesday was the make-up matching party for OU Cousins, a campus organization that pairs international students with students from the United States and hosts a variety of events to attend with your “cousin.” Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the regular matching party. There was, however, a second opportunity to be matched with a cousin at a Bingo Night. I attended this event and immediately became friends with a girl named Christina from Peru. She is here for the semester, and says that she has enjoyed her time at OU so far. Christina and I decided to be “cousins,” but immediately found that there were tons of other American girls that did not have international student matches. Thus, we quickly expanded our cousinship. By the end of the Bingo Night, I had 5 new cousins (one being international, the rest being from Oklahoma). I am so excited to be able to hang out with my family! We are planning to eat dinner at Pepe Delgados next week. How exciting!


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