El Segundo Jueves

Last night, we went to the bougiest movie theatre that exists (I’m pretty sure). It was inside the Centro Comercial Angelópolis and was rather grand. There was a lounge and a bar before entering the theaters. And they brought us food that we had previously ordered to our seats. It was nice! We saw Spiderman, which was a solid película, if you ask me.

Today we got up early for our cooking class, which started at 9AM. Our cooking class usually ends at 1PM, but today it ended at 2:30PM. Today was different because we were making Mole Poblano. Mole is an incredibly complex dish that is a specialty here in Puebla. Mole itself is a sauce and it is usually served with some type of meat or rice. The flavor of the sauce is very hard to describe; it has both rich chili and chocolate flavors. In class today, I was astounded when we were given an ingredient list of about 24 items. How could so many spices go into a single sauce?!?! I was soon to find out.

It took us several hours to collect and prepare all of the ingredients for our Mole. We had to fry various kinds of nuts, chilis, plantains, dried berries, and spices before we could even prepare the sauce. Here is what the ingredients looked like:

Fried nuts, bread, onions, tomatoes, plantains, spices, and chilis waiting to be turned into Mole.

As soon as we had all of the ingredients prepared in our bowl, it was time to head to the metate. Here, we ground up all of these materials to make a paste. This paste was combined with chicken stock and simmered on the stove to make the final product: a wonderful Mole.

Our cooking instructor with the metate.

Lunch was delicious! I love Mole and honestly thought that ours was one of the best that I’ve had while here. We had boiled chicken and Mexican rice with it.

We also made a Pulque drink. Pulque is an an alcoholic beverage made from the fermented sap of the agave plant. We blended this with mango, condensed milk, and celery to create an interesting smoothie. Honestly, it wasn’t quite my jam. But it was fun to eat and I enjoyed eating the fresh mango as it was being cut up (oops).

Our final products!

After our cooking class, we had our regular Spanish class (that was cut an hour short because our cooking class ran long, amen). After Spanish class, we had dance class. AGAIN!! Okay, but honestly I feel like I’m getting better. So that’s a plus. Tonight, we are going to find a cool place to practice our moves (help). It should be fun, though! (:

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  1. Wow!! What a list of items for ur dish!! And u just thought u were done with dancing!! 💃 I didn’t realize u were going to be this immersed in culture!! U r getting such a full view of so many wonderful things!!

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