Hola Cholula

A sign at the restaurant Green Me.

Today we got to come to Cholula to explore. Cholula is about a 20 minute drive de la ciudad de Puebla (Puebla is also the name of the estado, it is un poco confusing). We climbed a pyramid and saw an awesome view from the top. We were also able to walk through the pyramid, as archeologists have dug a tunnel through the pyramid within the past 100 años.

The view from the top of the pyramid
Audrey and me in the tunnels of the pyramid.
A building by the pyramid. People were selling fresh fruit in this area.

We also visited a beautiful Mexican-style cathedral. It was like nothing that I had ever seen before and it smelled of many flowers.

For lunch, we ate at a healthy restaurant se llama Green Me. The owner came and talked to us about his goals of having an eco-friendly, healthy, and delicious restaurant. I can tell you right now that he achieved the delicious part. I had a sandwich and a salad, and it was refreshing and yummy.

We had dinner, as a group, at a Mexican restaurant back in Puebla (the city of, which is also the capital of the State). It was very nice and the food was delicious. I had lasagna with beef and more mole!


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