GEF Impact in the Future

At the beginning of my college experience, I wanted to live abroad in the future for many exciting reasons. Since coming to college, I have further questioned my desire to one day live abroad. I’m hoping that my time abroad will provide some clarity on this. However, whether I end up living abroad or in the United States, the impact of studying abroad in college will benefit me in my future professional career. My goal is to become a hospital administrator. Since, out of necessity, hospitals are places filled with people from all different backgrounds, being able to understand those emotions will be vital to my empathetic success in the hospital. Also, my time spent abroad will solidify my Spanish skills and help me to be able to communicate with more people. Being able to communicate in different languages is something that is very valued and important to today’s workforce.

To maximize my time abroad’s impact, I will be sure to share my experiences with my future co-workers to help them establish the same sense of cultural understanding. I am also hoping that my time abroad will open my mind to diverse and innovative ideas that will be helpful in my professional career. There are many things that are done in other countries that could also be beneficial in the United States. My time abroad will give me the opportunity to experience these differences, enact them where relevant in the United States, and therefore create an impact.

2 thoughts on “GEF Impact in the Future

  1. I am so impressed by your work ethic and dedication to helping people! I’m very excited to see where the future takes you. It is so important, especially today with globalization creating less and less of a barrier between movements of people and things, to have cultural sensitivity and understanding, even here in the US. I think it’s great that you have such a practical and focused outlook on your future, with set goals and expectations! You mentioned adapting practices from other countries to benefit the US, what do you think the most beneficial things would be? Are there medical practices from other countries that you think could enhance hospitals in the US?

    1. I think that my post may have been a little unclear. I’m not sure if I mean adapting actual medical practices, so much as cultural practices that might enhance administration or atmosphere of a hospital. This is important because, like you said, the barrier between cultures is becoming increasingly smaller. I’d definitely be interested in looking more into the actual practices of medicine that might be adoptable into the healthcare system of the United States.

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