¡Estoy en Mexico!

It is 11:48 PM and I have finally gotten settled in my apartment in Puebla! My apartment is lovely and so are my room/apartment mates. We have a large apartment with a great view and glorious windows. We have large closets, a dining room, a kitchen, and a private area for cleaning supplies, etc. It is much different that what I became used to in Europe!

This place makes me feel like an adult with a real job or something. I mean LOOK at that kitchen!!! And the cute little place settings!!! And a twin bed (HAHA okay maybe that part isn’t as cool but whatevaaaaa)….. Here are some lousy pictures of the place. You really can’t do these views justice! MTV, welcome to my CRIB!!

Today we had our first Spanish test on the plane from Houston to Puebla… I know what you’re thinking. “But Eva, how could you possibly already have a test in a class that you have not even started?!?!?” Well let me tell you — IMMIGRATION FORMS!!! In Spanish!!! Without translations!!!!
Of course, I’m overreacting. While it wasn’t that great of a challenge, it certainly reminded me that I am about to learn and challenge myself linguistically in the next few weeks. Let it begin!!!

AND it will begin tomorrow at 8AM sharp!

One thought on “¡Estoy en Mexico!

  1. Well it appears I have not read this in the correct order!! Ha ha I love the 1 st test challenge!! 📝 I think ur accommodations look soooo nice!! Love it!!🛀🛏🛋

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