El Walmart !! Y El Resto

Costa Rica is sunflowers and sunshine!!!

Thursday was our “follow Walmart’s supply chain day.” We started out by visiting a large farm that harvested peppers. We had a tour of the greenhouses and the owner of the farm gave a small presentation. He talked about how he enjoys selling his product to Walmart. They give him access to tools and techniques that would not otherwise be available to him. One thing that was interesting: farmers never sign contracts with Walmart. They only continue to sell as long as the quality and conditions are good. We then moved to a smaller farm. The owner gave a similar presentation. We got to see where the produce is grown, where it is washed, and where it is packaged.

Fresh veggies at one of the Walmart farms. They even let us try some different veggies!

After visiting the second farm, we stopped for lunch at a foot truck court. I got some ceviche, it was good. After lunch, we bought some flowers from a woman selling them out of her truck, because why not?!?! Flowers in hand, we headed to the Walmart produce distribution center. We got a tour of the warehouse: where produce is brought in, evaluated, and sent out. It was very interesting.

On Friday we visited an American technology company called L3. After our visit, we got to go to the beach for the rest of the day. It was an absolute blast.

On Saturday, we had a tour of downtown San José. This is the are that we had visited on the night that we first arrived when we were looking for a music festival. It was fun to see it again in the light.

Some graffiti in downtown San José.
“The Blue House” in downtown San José. This is where the President works.

Also on Saturday we went to a coffee plantation for a tour. It was very interesting and one of my favorite visits for sure.

Me and the un-roasted coffee beans. My hands are in the shape of a heart – this is how our guide told us to take the pictures, haha.
I want the concrete outside my house to look like this someday.

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