El Segundo Martes

Woke up to this sunrise… YA. GOOD MORNIN’!!!!

Photo creds @ Audrey

Today we got up and ate breakfast at El Almuerzos before our field trip to the Talavera factory (Uriarte Talavera)!!!! This was absolutely my favorite place that we have been so far. This visit appealed equally to two of my favorite things: business/marketing and pretty things. The owner of the factory gave us the tour. He is from Canada and spoke to us in English. He talked about how he was a successful restauranteur in America, how he met his wife in Mexico while traveling alone, how he was an investment banker that regularly traded millions of dollars, how his other businesses are in industrial mechanics, and how he finally settled down in Puebla. I was FASCINATED. I want to be him when I grow up!!!!!!!!!!!!! He also talked about how he often has interns from OU come and work for him for a summer or a semester. I told him that he could count me in!!! Oh to work in a fábrica de Talavera, WHAT A DREAM!!!!!!

Anyways, the Talavera factory was clearly beautiful. The make everything by hand and it is just fabulous. I’ll attach some pictures and try to describe the process below. I think that I might be missing a few steps but I was honestly enjoying the visit too much to take pictures or notes. So I’ll try my best…..

The pottery has many looks throughout its completion process, as you can see here.
After the pottery is initially sculpted on a wheel, it looks like this.
The pottery is dipped in a glaze before it is painted. Then, a lady writes the origins / the order number on the bottom of the pot. As you can see, they all look exactly the same. This is true skill if you ask me.
Next, the pottery is painted. It doesn’t get its bright colors until it has been in a kiln for 10 hours. Fun fact: 15 single-moms in prison also paint these pots for the same wages as the typical workers. They were given the opportunity to apprentice painters and learn the skill. How cool is that?
This is an old kiln where the pottery used to be fired. The factory has since upgraded to a new and more modern kiln. This one is pretty cool looking, though!

The owner that gave us the tour also talked about how he has made this Talavera into an international luxury brand. His Talavera is in Four Seasons hotels, Starbucks Mexico, and the Drop Box Headquarters in the United States. He wants to develop a sustainable luxury brand and not just  sell a typical souvenir in Mexico. How cool. What a concept. He was really speaking my language.

After the Talavera factory, we went to a el Convento de Santa Rosa and saw the kitchen. It was cool. We were only there for about 20 minutes.

These Talavera pieces are relatively new. They were not originally in the convent.

I grabbed a quick lunch (tacos dorados) at a place right across from UPAEP before our afternoon class. Our afternoon class was 3 hours long, but we got to go to the UPAEP Art Museum for about an hour. There was an exhibit by a surrealist artist named Leonora Carrington. It was cool. We spent most of our class time describing the seemingly nonsensical works (or at least trying to).

After class was my least favorite part of this whole trip: DANCE CLASS. UGH. I feel like a carousel horse that just runs in circles. Or like a big toe that is being wiggled by its owner. Or like a giraffe whose legs are 5x the size of its body. No lo sé, I’m just not a fan. But I’m trying and having fun and giggling lots while doing so. I treated myself to ice cream after today’s class. I deserve it.

Mis amigos y yo are going to go get food / drink with some of the dancers that help teach our dance class. They actually know how to dance, jaja.

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  1. Ohhh how great to see all the pottery!! Julio’s dad makes taleverra pottery in his village!🍙⚱️Such beautiful pics!!

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