El Primer Sábado

A memorial statue outside of the Museo de la No Intervención

Today was the start of our first weekend (!!!!) in Puebla! We don’t have class on the weekends, so we get to do some of the more touristy things that most people do when they visit here. First, we went to the Museo de la No Intervención Fuerte de Loreto. This was where the famous Cinco de Mayo battle took place. This battle was against the highly-decorated French, but the Mexican army pulled out an unexpected victory. In the museum, there was some beautiful art and other war relics. The museum is in the location that the battle actually took place. It was a beautiful location with many old buildings. The colors in this area were amazing.

The entrance to the Museo de la No Intervención
A painting in the Museo de la No Intervención.
A cute pot outside of the Museo de la No Intervención

At the museum, I learned that Cinco de Mayo is not celebrated regularly in Mexico. Although it is unknown why it is so vastly (and often inappropriately) celebrated in the states, many conclude that it is because the General (Ignacio Zaragoza) was from an area near the border. Also, many activists during the Chicano movement in the United States wanted their culture to be recognized. I thought this was interesting.

Next, we went to the Amparo Museum. This is a beautiful museum located in the historic center of Puebla. It is located in two separate historical buildings and used to be a “refuge” for married women (haha). The museum had hispanic, colonial, and modern art. There was also an area that was decorated to imitate homes in the colonial period. It was very cool! However, I will say, the modern art that they had in their temporary exhibit was very … modern. To be honest, rather confusing as well. There was a whole wall dedicated to photos / sketches / drawings of PORTA POTTIES. It was strange.

The Porta Potty art…
Talavera pottery in the Amparo Museum
More Talavera pottery in the Amparo Museum. I love Talavera pottery. On Monday, we get to visit a factory that makes it!! Yay!!
A little puppy!! This dog was most likely sacrificed. He was then sculpted and buried with his owner so that he could “lead” them to whatever comes next. Yay ancient civilization.
Me on the balcony of the Amparo Museum. It had a great view of all of the cathedral domes!!

We just got back from the apartments. We had to Uber (again) because it was raining (again). What else is new…??? We ate lunch at a Japanese restaurant. I had a sushi roll and some sweet and sour chicken. I know what your thinking, Japanese food in Mexico?? Sí. And it was delicious, muchas gracias.

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