El Cinco de Julio

On Wednesday, the fifth of July, we had a full day of class. We went to dinner in downtown Puebla (El Centro Histórico) and expired a little. We ate at a lovely restaurant called El Mural de los Poblanos. There were murals of famous Mexicans all over the walls, que bonito. It was lovely. We also tried a Mescal, which according to Wikipedia, is “a distilled alcoholic beverage made from any type of agave plant native to Mexico.” They brought our several bottles for us to sample before we picked which one we wanted with our meal, it was quite nice. Mescal is similar to Tequila but is meant to be sipped throughout the meal. It was yummy and refreshing! But I’ll warn you…..be sure to sip!!! Slowly!!! While eating food!!! This stuff is strong!!!

Our bottle of Mescal.
One of my friends, Evan, and our Mole dishes – Mole Poblano y Mole Roja.

After dinner, we explored downtown a little bit. There are some beautiful buildings and fountains. We had some churros for dessert from a small place in the city’s square. They were very yummy. “Better than the ones at Disneyland,” as unos de mis amigos described.

Audrey – mi amiga y roommate.

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