Yesterday afternoon included a long nap and late night dinner. At about 9:30, we finally made it to a restaurant called Dominicana No. 19. I had a bagel sandwich with cured ham, brie cheese, and apples. It was on a delicious cheese bagel. I was a big fan.

After a good meal last night, we decided to try something different for breakfast this morning. Instead of going where our OU vouchers are valid, we went back to Domicana No. 19. I had some sort of toast / egg / ham dish that I don’t remember the name of. I also had some hot chocolate. And of course, I had to have a shot of espresso as well. Take a peek at the design in my hot chocolate ….. do you think that they were trying to tell me something?!?!

Were they trying to tell me something??

Okay but is not just the cutest little demitasse you ever did see?
After our lovely breakfast, we hopped in an Uber to go to the Museo Internacional del Barroco. This museum was f a b u l o s o. They had a beautiful temporary exhibit of Talavera pottery. They also had seven exhibition halls which covered themes ranging from Baroque science to Baroque entertainment. Additionally, the architecture of the museum was absolutely phenomenal. The building is full of unexpected curves and soft edges yet is still very modern. It both compliments and juxtaposes all of the Baroque exhibitions so well. In the middle of the curves building, there is a whirlpool. This whirlpool is supposed to “act as an anchor to the natural world.”

Talavera pottery (my fav). This exhibit had a really interesting map depicting where Talavera pottery originated and how it made its way to Mexico.

I can’t imagine designing / painting something as intricate as this.

The whirlpool outside of the museum.
Outside of the museum, there is a large park. The park is absolutely stunning. There are succulents, roses, vegetables, flowers, herbs, lavender, etc, all scattered throughout small ponds and wandering trails.

Photo creds @ Audrey
From the museum, we took a short Uber to a huge mall to grab some lunch and do a little shopping. Upon entering the food court, I felt right at home. Subway, Pizza Hut, McDonalds, etc etc etc etc etc, decked the halls of this massive eating area. I chose some artisan pizza place and was quite content with my meal. We did some shopping and finished off the trip to the mall with a paleta. Paletas, from what I can tell, are basically popsicles that are made from fresh fruit. Some of them have cream bases. You can also get them dipped in white or dark chocolate. I got one that was mango flavored. It also had some chili flavored salt on it. It was sweet, salty, and overall super refreshing. 12/10 for sure.

I meant to take a picture of the paleta before I started eating it…. but as soon as the guy handed it to me, I got too excited and immediately dove in …. so here is a selfie of me eating the paleta instead. My b…
I finished the afternoon off RIGHT with a 2.5 hour nap. No regretz. It was much needed, as far as I’m concerned. I woke up at around 8:30PM entirely disorientated, thinking it was morning, and hungry. Little did I know that on Sundays, restaurants typically close early (either at 6:30 or 9:00). Ooooops….. I had settled with the idea of eating granola bars for dinner when I remembered that we had passed a Domino’s earlier…. you can probably tell where this was going. This was truly the height of my culinary experiences in Puebla. Cheese pizza with cinnamon balls. In case you were wondering, it was different than American Domino’s. Our cheese pizza came with both salsa and ketchup. And the variety of cheeses on the pizza was different than what is standard in America.

Before you hate on me for eating Domino’s for dinner while abroad, please know that I at least had to put a little effort into it. It’s amazing how different Mexican addresses are from those in America. Having to decode that enter it into the Domino’s website was a struggle. It was kind of an #adventure in itself. 

Alright, that’s it. Hope this post finds you well!

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