Domingo // Cuetzalan ➸ Puebla

Today we returned from Cuetzalan to Puebla.

Two of my amigos y yo got up at 6AM to stroll around the market, take pictures while the vendors set up, and watch the sunrise. It was lovely and quiet; not want vendors or customers had arrived at the market yet. We went back to our hotel around 8 to grab some breakfast. After breakfast and a brief rest, we decided to head back out. By 10AM, the market was packed. There were many people and apparently this wasn’t even a crowded day! It was nuts! As we strolled around the market, I bought a few souvenirs and MANY snacks….
The following is a brief list of the snacks that I purchased / consumed at the market and their prices in Pesos and US Dollars (respectively):

  1. 5 Tacos al Pastor: 15 Pesos … 85 Cents (USD)
  2. 3 Churros: 5 Pesos … 28 Cents (USD)
  3. A Paleta: 5 Pesos … 28 Cents (USD)
  4. A Mango with Chili Sauce / Powder: 10 Pesos … 56 Cents (USD)

    Me & my mango. My mango & me.

After strolling through the market, I headed to a convenance store to grab some road trip snacks. I got some Takis, Doritos, and some chocolate sandwich cookies that I had never seen before. We made it back to Puebla pretty quickly (about 4 hours) and I took a great nap as soon as we got back.

Sushi for dinner! Yum! Bed! Yay!

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