¡Comienza la Segunda Semana!

This is on the cover of UPAEP’s “manual” for foreign students. It’s pretty relatable right now!!!
WE GOT TO SLEEP IN TODAY!!! I was resting until 9:00AM and it was glorious. After hitting snooze a few times, I finally got up to finish off some homework, then headed to Los Almuerzos for breakfast. From the restaurant, we left for a walking tour of downtown Puebla.

The tour was about three hours long. It took us through the busy streets of downtown Puebla that are filled with vendedores of all types. We saw some incredible things and got to learn a little bit about them from our wonderful guide. We met our guide and started the tour at Puebla’s Tourism Office. When we arrived (after 2 cups of coffee and a glass of zumo de naranja) I had to use the restroom. I asked someone at the front desk where I could find un baño and they escorted me outside of the office and into another neighboring building. It did not take much time for me to realize that this was the Municipal Building of Puebla. After using the restroom, I began to walk toward the entrance. People were moving quickly and there were tons of police officers. They were closing / locking the front entrance doors as I made my way towards them. “¿Puedo pasar?” I asked the guard who was closing the doors. She said, “Muy rápidamente,” and quickly shoved me out of the building. When I got outside, I quickly understood her panic. A student demonstration was forming outside of the Municipal Building. I quickly found my group in the Tourism Office and we shortly began our tour.

First, we made our way to Puebla’s main cathedral. Fun fact: it is said that the Spanish mixed up the plans when building the cathedrals in Puebla and Mexico City. So the cathedral in Puebla was meant to be in Mexico City and vice versa. Really, this just means that the cathedral in Puebla is cooler than it was originally supposed to be! The cathedral is in Zócolo (city center) and is catercorner to the to both the Municipal Building and many stores. This represents the three main factors that hold the city together: government, the church, and the economy. The inside of the cathedral is decorated very similarly to the churches that I visited on my last European adventure. The cathedral was built by the Spanish and has the busts of several Spanish kings decorating the outside of the building.

I can’t get over how intense the detail is.

The outside of The Cathedral
From the cathedral, we went to a Talavera factory. This place also sold the Talavera that they made. I didn’t have time to purchase any, but I intend to go back. All of the stuff is so beautiful and CHEAP! I can’t believe that it is so inexpensive; it takes so much time and talent to make this sort of pottery.

We went to several other places on this walking tour…..but to be honest……I don’t quite remember them. I do, however, remember my lunch!! Which was especially memorable and yummy! We were all really hungry after 3+ hours of walking, so we dipped into a small taco shop. I had 2 tacos and tons of spicy salsa. I drank half of my Nalgene with that meal, to be honest….  But it was absolutely delicious. Probably my favorite meal that I’ve had here yet. I wish I had a picture, but I literally could not wait to eat these tacos. They came plain: just tortilla and meat. There were toppings (cilantro, onion, pineapple, salsa) that we were supposed to pass around the table and put on our tacos. Unfortunately, I was so excited / hungry that I had already eaten one of my tacos before it was my turn to get the toppings. Oops. The plain taco was still 13/10.

After lunch, we walked back to UPAEP and had class for 2 hours. 

We had a quick dinner at a little cafe before it started pouring. Yay! 

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  1. What amazing pic of cathedral ceiling!! Looks amazing in pic can’t even what it looks like in real life!!⛪️

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