Cádiz exceeded all expectations that I could have dreamed of. After returning home around 3:00 AM (extremely late by my standards, yet early by Spain’s standards), we somehow managed to make it on the 8:30 AM bus to Cádiz. After getting off the bus, we headed to our Airbnb and found a little cafe along the way. After a double cafe con leche, we were back on the road. Our Airbnb was nothing short of lovely. It was very modern and big enough to house the nine of us. 

It was extremely windy, as you can see!

After setting our stuff down in the Airbnb, we started a self-guided walking tour of Cádiz. The tour started at Torre Tavira, which was the highest watch tower for the Port of Cádiz. Now, there is a Camera Obscura that allows you to view the city from a birds-eye-view (I had never heard of this, but it was actually pretty cool). After visiting El Torre, we headed to the local mercado to grab some lunch. I had paella, gazpacho, and a tortilla de mariscos. I also had a Cruz Campo because it was cheaper than a bottle of water (hey, I’m not complaining).

From there, we headed to the beach. It was incredibly windy all day, and it was even worse by the water! On the beach, we found the Castle of San Sebastián. It’s located on a small island separated from the main city. We walked all the way to the entrance of the castle, then realized it was closed for siesta. Oh well! 

After visiting the castle (or at least trying to), we headed back to our Airbnb. We were all exhausted and decided to have a “girls night in.” We headed to the store to buy ingredients to cook ourselves dinner. We decided that enchilada casserole would be a good idea. Upon arriving at the grocery store, we found that it is frankly impossible to easily make a enchilada casserole in Spain. The ingredients are just not sold in the stores! Thus, we settled for noodles and red sauce instead. We had a great time cooking and hanging out in our lovely little apartment.

My tuna empanada & cafe con leche. As I said, the donut was devoured prior to the staging of this photo……

The following morning, we headed out around noon for some breakfast. I walked into a pastry shop and asked the clerk for their favorite sweet item and their favorite savory item. I ended up with a tuna empanada and a huge donut. As you can see below, the donut didn’t make it for the picture. It was devoured by the time I got to sit down…..oops. But it was delicious and (dare I say) even better than a Krispy Kreme. 

After our breakfast, we headed to the Parque Genovés Jardín Botánico to check it out. It was lovely and we had a great time walking around. After that, we went inside The Cathedral of Cádiz which, of course, was stunning. After the Cathedral, I went *back* to the place where I had purchased my breakfast and got…..another donut……and….another empanada….and proceeded to the beach. We played at the beach until we needed to head back to the train station.

This was truly the most perfect weekend I could have imagined. I think it finally clicked that I’m in Spain (!!!!). I could not be more thankful for this experience and the people who helped me in making it happen.

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  1. What a wonderful wkend!! Well from the report I can tell u have found plenty of traveling buddies!! The descriptions of all the wonderful places u saw and food u ate were great!! Soooo glad u r enjoying all ur adventures!!😍

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