We found an abandoned bathtub on the trail and thought it would be a good idea to use it as a sled.

This weekend, a few of my best pals and I traveled to Switzerland! After weeks of planning the trip, we realized a few days prior to our departure that the weather was supposed to be bad while we were there. Much to our surprise, the weather was great and it made for a lovely trip!

We first arrived in Geneva on Thursday. While Caroline and Mia headed straight to Interlaken, Zoë and I decided to stay one night in Geneva to explore the city a little bit. After we arrived, we dropped our bags off at our Airbnb before heading out to a traditional Swiss fondue dinner. Our Airbnb host recommend a nice restaurant away from the city center, so we thought that we would give it a shot. People always say that Switzerland is one of the most expensive European cities to visit and I would have to agree! We spent around $30 per person on a giant pot of cheese and some bread. But hey, it was a nice experience. At that point, it was already nearly 10PM. We grabbed some drinks in the bar district and headed back to the Airbnb.

Geneva has colorful flowers like these all over the place! I could not get enough!

The next morning, we went out for a day of exploring. It became pretty apparent by the mid-afternoon that Geneva is a city that you can visit in one day. It is a beautiful city with an incredible lake right in the center. We saw all the main “spots,” including the United Nations Office and the Red Cross Museum. After a long day of exploring, we hopped on a train to Interlaken. The train ride itself was absolutely incredible. We passed by some of Switzerland’s many huuuuuge lakes and straight through the Alps.  Definitely the prettiest train ride I’ve ever been on.

Once Zoë and I arrived in Interlaken, we found our hostel and plotted the rest of the day. One of my friends, Mia, had been in Interlaken the previous night and had just returned from a long hike. We decided to all relax by hopping in the hostel’s hot tub before running to the supermarket to grab something for dinner.

Saturday morning, we woke up early to depart on our first adventure in Interlaken. Some of the friends that we had made in the hot tub the night before decided to join us as well. We decided to take a ski lift to the top of a mountain and hike our way down. We had the best time frolicking through the snow and enjoying all of the beautiful scenery. We had many snowball fights and made tons of snow angels. We were all acting as if we had never seen snow before (hey, it’s been a while!). It took us about three hours and several “wipe outs” to make it back to the bottom of the mountain. The weather was incredible and although there was snow all over the place, we kept quite warm. We finished the night by cooking some frozen pizza at the hostel to avoid dropping another $30 on dinner. Our hostel was amazingly home-y and it made it so easy to make friends. We met people from all over the United States as well as Europe. It is so cool to interact with other travelers and I love that hostels really give you that opportunity.

Zoë, Mia, and I at St. Beatus Caves. Some of my favorite Sevilla girlies!! I am so thankful to have met these ladies.

On Sunday, the weather was kind of bad. We went to St. Beatus Caves, which is a popular cave system with lit pathways. It was super cool and a great “rainy day activity,” as the caves are “inside….” More or less. After that, we went back to the hostel and played fooseball, ping pong, and pool with our new friends. We had such a blast meeting new people all weekend! I think that our new friends were such a big part of what made this weekend so special.

On Monday morning, we traveled back to Sevilla. I am tired, sore after all the hiking (!!!!), and forever thankful to get to experience Switzerland! This weekend was definitely one of my favorites – we had just the best time being silly and meeting new people – I would not trade it for the world!

4 thoughts on “Switzerland

  1. Omg!!! What an amazing trip!! I’m soooo glad u have such great traveling partners!! Love u had ur shirt inside out!!! Your pictures are all sooo good!! I agree the flowers 🌺💐🌷look sooooo pretty!!! Trevor was here this wkend and he is anxious to hear how u enjoyed Morocco! I told him it will be probably ur last trip before coming home!! Stay safe and I miss and ❤️ u!!!! XO

    1. Ah so fun! I just got your Easter card – thank you so much!!! I’ll be in Morocco the first week of May, I am so excited! Love and miss you!!!

  2. Ok I hope u get this message before u go to Morocco!! Can u look for me a small simple gold bracelet size 7 if they do sizes no more than $100 Am dollars I’ll pay u back when u get home. I feel fire u might could find one at an outdoor market there! Thanks!! XO

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