Spring Goals and Potential Challenges

Going abroad will be so much fun — when everything is smooth sailing. However, especially initially, I worry about feeling alone. I think that this program will minimize this fear for two reasons: you are with a small group of people exclusively from the University and the duration of the program is not too extensive. If accepted, this program will be my third study abroad experience while at the University. Also, there are several people from OU attending this study abroad program. This will give me more comfort when I travel abroad for a semester. Preparing for a lifetime of traveling is one of the goals that I’ve set for my study abroad experience this summer.

The world is filled with “gazillions” of different perspectives, and recently my eyes have been opened to many that I had not considered before. After recently speaking with International students and students that have previously studied abroad, I realized that I had a somewhat narrow-minded approach to what I would gain through study abroad. Of course, I had always considered the fact that I would encounter cultural confusion, different perspectives, etc. However, listening the experiences of others really opened my eyes to the reality of all the perspectives in our world. One of my goals for my study abroad experience is to challenge myself to embrace various other perspectives and imagine the implications of my actions to the lives of others. I believe that travel can be truly influential to your actions, if you let it be. It is an important goal of mine that I thoroughly think though the implications of my actions and embrace other perspectives while abroad.

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