Semana Dos de Clases

My favorite cafe in Sevilla (so far), Filo! They has the best WiFi, coffee, & snacks. I’m currently eating their hummus.

Mi amigas and I are in our favorite cafe, Filo, making plans for the upcoming weekend. We have decided to go to Málaga for the upcoming weekend. Málaga is the birthplace of Pablo Picasso and home to a museum featuring his work. I am muy emocionado! 

Classes have been going really well. My International Business class at the International Study Center is fascinating. Our professor is from Scotland, but has been living in Spain for the past thirty years. Who better to teach International Business?!? I have the same professor for my Entrepreneurship class which as also been very interesting. Our final paper is going to be about a product/service from the United States that we think would be successful in Spain. I’m thinking…Cheez-Its. Okay, I’m only joking, but I could seriously devour a box of the “Extra Toasty” ones right now.

My class at Universidad Pablo de Olavide, The Global Economy, has also been great. Although the course is taught in English, there are students in the class from all over Europe. Everyone offers a different perspective when we discuss international events, which is not really an experience you can get back home. I have taken several economics courses, but never one that is theory-based, so I am excited to learn! 

Below are a few photos I’ve taken while exploring the city throughout the past week. ¡Hasta luego!

3 thoughts on “Semana Dos de Clases

  1. Omg!!! Sooo many great experiences in travel and school!!! Sooo sooo happy u r enjoying ur time so far!! Sounds like ur wkends will be filled with travel experiences that will be soo exciting and educational!!!! Such beautiful pictures!!! My favorite on this entry is the one of u at ur favorite coffee shop!!! Love the cup and saucer!!l Can’t wait for ur next entry!!!

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