Prague, Vienna, Budapest

Mia and I in the baths in Budapest.

After spending one day at Feria, Zoë, Mia, and I headed out for our final trip of the semester. We started in Prague, then made a quick stop in Vienna before finishing up in Budapest.

The John Lennon Wall in Prague.

The trip started off a little rocky when I hit the ATM in the airport to withdraw some Czech Crowns (the local currency). I accidentally withdrew 11,000 Crowns (approx. $500 USD) instead of 1,000 Crowns (approx. $50 USD) as I had intended. Oh well, I was able to exchange what I had left to dollars which will be useful as I am returning home in less than a week (!!!). After the ATM trouble, we went to a traditional Czech restaurant for dinner and ate some trdelníks which are the traditional Czech chimney cakes. The next day, a friend of Mia’s came into town to show us around. We hit all of the must-see sights in Prague and finished at a beer garden to taste some more famous Czech beer.

Me in front of part of the Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna.

The next day, we headed to Vienna for less than twenty-four hours. We saw the cathedral and the Belvedere Museum, which houses Gustav Klimt’s  indisputable masterpiece, The Kiss. That afternoon, I tried some traditional potato dumplings for lunch before we hit the contemporary art museum, which was a little too “contemporary” for my tastes. The next day, we explored the Schönbrunn Palace before heading to Budapest as our last stop. We also stopped for some famous Viennese pastries which definitely did not disappoint!

In Budapest, we visited the Szcheni Baths and did a boat cruse along the river. We grabbed dinner in a food truck court and then explored some “ruin bars” which are eclectic bars placed in recycled / run-down spaces. They had a very cool vibe!

Overall, we visited three beautiful cities and had a great time in the journey along the way. I can’t believe that I am currently studying for final exams and that I will be home in just three short days. This semester has flown by – I have no idea where it went!

One thought on “Prague, Vienna, Budapest

  1. What an amazing last adventure!! All the cities sound and look amazing!! In all ur pics u have sent all the cities look so clean r they really in person? The bath u took looked sooo relaxing! I would love to do that!! I’m interested in ur 2 most constant traveling companions! Where are they from and where do they go to school and what r they studying?? U have had such a great semester!! I can’t wait to see u!! Miss u soo much!!

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