Humble Brag

Listen… I usually consider myself a pretty modest person, but I just HAVE to share. Today, one of my coworkers at the hospital told me that my Spanish is “better than some of the interns they have had before.” So basically, I’m not the worst. Which is honestly the best news I’ve heard all day.

That’s all for now.

5 thoughts on “Humble Brag

  1. Well that is good to hear!! Sooo I guess u have made up for the little flub of responding No No when asked if u were excited to be there!! Ha ha!! Sounds like the hospital is turning out to be a great experience also! Are any of ur traveling partnered doing an internship? XO

    1. OH my gosh I just got my package! Incredible!!!! The best gift ever!! Thank you so much, that was so thoughtful!!! I am going to try to make them last until April, haha!! LOVE YOU!!

      1. Well mama said they were all crushed and u are having to eat them with a spoon!!☹️ I didn’t realize getting a package to u would involve sooo much work on ur part! When I sent stuff to Trevor in Africa it was easy the mail truck 🚛 just threw stuff off as they were passing through his village!! I guess Africa isn’t as stringent on mail deliver as in Europe!! Ha ha well any way glad u got them and glad u like them no matter what condition they arrived!!!!! XO

          1. Well I would like to send u another package but won’t since it is such a pain to get the package!!😖 So just know the thought is there!! Ha ha XO

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