El Primer Día

I never thought that I would actually be able to say this but…..I made it to Sevilla! After a whole heck of an airport mess (thanks United) and two extra days spent in Norman, I am here and I could not be more grateful! As soon as I got to Sevilla, I hopped in a taxi and went straight to my host family’s house. As pulled up to the building, I was in shock that everything had gone so smoothly. I was so ecstatic, so much so that I accidentally tipped the driver 30 EU (I don’t even think you’re supposed to tip taxi drivers here, but tbh I was just so glad to get there it didn’t even matter).

I then got unpacked and met my host mom. I then set out to do some exploring of my own. I got lost and ended up in a really cool part of town, then found my way back home. I was too worried my phone might die (gotta save some reserve in case I needed to stop into a WiFi location to GPS myself home, ya know) to take any pictures, but I’m sure I’ll end up back in the area soon.

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