Cologne, Germany

Einhorn spotted by the Rhine!

Carnival in Cologne did not disappoint! In summary, it was full of parades, Kölsch (local beer), and costumes. I spent the entire weekend dressed up as an einhorn (unicorn)

I was lucky enough to randomly make some local friends in the train station and be invited to their private celebrations, which was a very unique experience. They taught me some of the typical Carnival traditions and introduced me to Kölsch, the local beer, which is lovely and much more mild than Sevilla’s Cruzcampo. I also enjoyed some currywurst, pretzels, bratwurst, and some really yummy breakfast places.

Overall, a good weekend was had! I was really hoping to get to visit EL-DE Haus, the former headquarters of the Gestapo, but they were closed due to the celebrations. No worries – I guess I’ll just have to go back someday!

3 thoughts on “Cologne, Germany

  1. Love the unicorn mask!!! Soooo cute!! Did u go solo on this trip? U made no mention of traveling partners. Sounds like u had a great wkend and got to experience soo much of the local activities!! Love to u always!! XO Auntie Meg

    1. I travelled with one friend and met some more people from my program who I knew were already there! Looking forward to some solo traveling soon though!!

      1. Oh good!! Sounds like a great wkend with all the local activities!! Soooo glad u r able to do soo much traveling!! Can’t eait for this wkend adventure!! XO

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