Cádiz Beach Weekend

¡Vamos a la playa!
I always love a good sunset – especially one that tops off a fantastic weekend!

After my Semana Santa travels, I decided that I needed a chill weekend. I did some research and found some pretty nice-looking beach hotel / resorts in Cádiz that were price extremely reasonably. I booked two of my friends and I a triple-bed room from Saturday-Sunday and let me tell you, this was no hostel! Upon arrival, we were pleasantly surprised with how nice the room and resort was. There was a huge pool, a snack bar, a restaurant, all with just a five minute walk to the beach! We also had a massive room with three beds and a huge bathroom all to ourselves. Our room even had a balcony that was big enough to house a small table, chairs, and a couch. Again, not exactly a hostel! We had the most lovely two days just relaxing on the beach and by the pool. We spent Saturday evening sitting on our balcony (which overlooked the resort’s golf course) and chatting, reading, and listening to music. We ate dinner at a Spanish tapas restaurant that was nearby, which was delicious. On the train back to Sevilla, there was the most beautiful sunset I have seen since being here – it almost rivaled an Oklahoma sunset!

This weekend, I also had the opportunity to visit the Museum of Fine Arts in Sevilla. The cool part about this museum is that most of it was painted in Sevilla. There are lots of works that depict many of the famous landmarks that are still here today.

Overall, a relaxing weekend that left me ready to tackle the next adventure!

3 thoughts on “Cádiz Beach Weekend

  1. Wow!! I was relaxed just reading about your relaxing wkend!! You needed to relax after your last marathon trip!! The pics u sent of the beach and the sunset r beautiful!!! Am anxious to hear about your final adventures before u head back home!!! ❤️ to u always!!! Auntie Meg XO

  2. Did u by any chance get my request for a simple gold bracelet size 7” if they do sizes from Morocco no more than $100 Am dollars and I’ll pay u when u return??

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