Burger King ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Today was my first day of classes at the CEA Study Center and I was entirely unprepared and slightly disorganized. After arriving for my first class at 10:30, I realized that I had class straight until 3:45 with no breaks. This forced me to miss lunch at my host family’s house. One of my classes ended at 2:15 rather than 2:45 and I was starving. I decided to walk the streets of Seville and see if there was anything that I could get para llevar to eat at the study center. After walking for about fifteen minutes, I ended up at Taco Bell (all other cafes that offered anything to eat on-the-go were closed for siesta). But anyways, it’s just like that saying, “all roads lead home.” After waiting in line at Taco Bell for no less than ten minutes, I realized that I was going to be late to my upcoming class. I decided to go next door to Burger King and see if their line was moving any faster.

Sure enough, it was, and I was able to get a number thirteen (the chicken sandwich meal) for a whopping 8 Euros (this is at least twice as expensive as it is in the United States). The meal was interesting, to say the least. Unlike the breadcrumbs that coat the chicken on the sandwiches in the United States, this chicken had some sort of crunchy potato coating. The fries were also slightly different. They were more like wedges and had paprika seasoning on them (these potato wedges are not pictured here). They were delicious, but definitely unlike anything you would find in a Burger King back home. The greatest differences I realized in this experience was the wait time (both at Taco Bell and at Burger King), the slightly altered recipes of the classic meals to accommodate for Spain’s obsession with potatoes, and the crazy prices. I could have had several tapas and a glass of wine for the same price as my number thirteen meal. Oh well! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

After grabbing my BK, I headed back to the CEA Study Center. I tried really hard to not munch on the fries as I walked back, but alas, hunger got the best of me. I usually try to blend in while abroad but here I was, a little blondie walking through the streets of Sevilla staring at the GPS navigation on her phone while eating BK fries out of the bag…..oops…

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  1. Ohhh well now u will know how to plan ur meals better for ur school days!! I’m just glad u found something open and didn’t starve!!! Do u have class every day??

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