Barcelona, Spain

“Dancing through the streets in Barcelona” – Barcelona, Ed Sheeran

We started off the weekend on Friday with an early flight in. Once we got there, we took the metro to city center and headed straight to Park Güell. We had a lovely time at the park and we even met some girls from Boston traveling for their spring break. We went with them to a lovely tapas restaurant and had a great meal. After that, we separated and headed to our hostel to check in.

The view of the sunset at the lookout. Not the best lighting, but you get the idea!

In the evening, we went to Parc del Guinardó which has a fabulous lookout over Barcelona. We didn’t realize, however, that it was such a hike to the top! Either way, the  view of the city and the sunset from the top was totally worth it. We took a few bottles of wine to the top (as does everyone), then had to be super careful coming down once the sun had gone down and we had had a few glasses of wine (yikes). Since we had lunch rather late and were not hungry for dinner, I had a yummy hot dog from a small place we passed on the street.

On Saturday, we got up and immediately headed to La Sagrada Familia. I had been there several years ago, but it is much more magnificent than I remember. It’s funny how memories can fade as time goes by. Or maybe I just have a greater appreciation for these things than I did when I was fourteen. I was totally astonished and loved every minute that we were in the basilica.

Me and my juice.

After La Sagrada Familia, we made our way to Las Ramblas. Of course, we had to stop at La Boqueria for a snack. I remember this as my favorite part of my previous trip to Barcelona, and I think it was nearly my favorite part of this trip as well. The endless lines of vendors and yummy foods to try are just indescribable. I was pretty full from lunch (we had burgers, yum), so I only had a juice (mango and coconut), which was delicious.

In the market, there are a ton of little tapas bars. At one tapas bar, there was a raw, straight-out-of-the-ocean-lookin’ octopus sitting on the counter, less than half a foot from where customers were eating. I thought this was kind of funny. I stood there admiring the situation when a chef walked over to the octopus and cut off one of its tentacles with a giant knife. The customers eating at the counter didn’t even flinch; I’m not even sure they were aware of the situation. It was kind of cool to see for me, though! Wish I had snapped a picture of the octopus on the counter – hopefully you can imagine!

There were a couple factors that made this weekend so great. I realized just how much I love all of the amigas that I have met here. Also, our hostel was absolutely incredible. There were many opportunities to meet other travelers and the employees were all very knowledgable and helpful. Overall, Barcelona yielded a fantastic weekend of little sleep, lots of walking (nearly fifteen miles on Saturday alone), and many memories.

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  1. Wow!! What an amazing wkend!!! The pics you sent are fabulous!!! Everything is sooo colorful and bright!!! I’m sooo glad u are enjoying all ur adventures and have such good friends with which to travel!!! Be safe and keep having fun!!😍

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