A Weekend in Sevilla

Me outside of the Alcázar in Jerez.

This weekend, I decided to stay in Sevilla and catch a breather from weekend traveling. Although I was not initially thrilled about it (I thought that I spent enough time here during the week), I could not be more thankful for my decision to stay here. 

After class on Thursday, my friend Caroline and I decided to catch dinner and a movie. We ended up leaving too late to grab a “real” dinner, so we stopped for pizza by-the-slice at a place we’ve been eyeing by the Cathedral. It was delicious and we ate it while walking to the movie theatre. We decided to see Green Book (in English) and I loved it! It was definitely one of the best movies that I have seen in a long time. Of course, we had to get popcorn, Coke Zeros, and some M&Ms, but everything was still remarkably cheap. I think I spent around $8 for my ticket, candy, and a HUGE soda.

Time spent by the river is always time well spent.

On Friday, I had lunch with my host mother then left to go to the river. We grabbed a few bottles of wine, a blanket, our “homework,” and went to sit out in the park. The river is always very crowded on the weekends and afternoons. It is a very popular pastime for people in Sevilla, with good reason. Everyone always has a bottle in their hands and music playing while enjoying a relaxing afternoon in the sun. We stayed out until dinner, then headed home to eat with our host families. After dinner, a few of my friends and I headed to Las Bolas (our new favorite gelato spot) for dessert. 

Pepper, sardine, tomato, artichoke.

Saturday was an adventure for sure. My friend Kaylee and I decided to go to a nearby town, Jerez, to visit a bodega. We left around 10AM in a BlaBla Car, which is basically an Uber for long distance traveling. There were 5 other people in the car, which was a little over an hour long. We talked for the whole ride in Spanish, which was kind of fun. When we arrived in Jerez, we visited the local Cathedral and Alcazar (things you must do in any Spanish town). We then went to a nice tapas restaurant for a late lunch. Kaylee and I shared about seven different items, but this was probably the most interesting. A little skewer with artichoke, tomato, sardines, and a pepper. I’m not quite sure that was what we were expecting, but it was good!

After lunch, we went to the winery. We went to the González Byass bodega, which is the producer of a variety of sherry brands. Their most popular brand is Tio Pepe, which is sold in countries across the world. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the day, but it did not disappoint. The winery was absolutely beautiful. We got to see where the wine is stored and learn about the process of making fortified wine which is something I was definitely not familiar with. This bodega is “famous” and has lots of really cool visitors including Pablo Picasso and Steven Spielberg. Every time someone famous visits the bodega, they sign a barrel of wine. There is a whole room filled with signed barrels.

Is this not just the cutest thing?

Another funny this about this bodega is that there is a famous picture of a mouse drinking wine in the cellar. Apparently, at some point, one of the employees in the winery would give the cellar mice wine and bread to keep them from chewing on the bottoms of the wooden barrels. The employee even built a little latter so that the mouse could drink from the wine glass. They still have it sitting out, although I’m not sure that mice still use it, haha. Of course, no visit to a bodega is complete without tasting the wines. We tasted four different brands produced at the Bodega, and I was surprised that I actually enjoyed them all. 

Sunday will just be a chill day by the river. I have three midterms this week, so I have to start thinking about those at some point!

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  1. Wow! What a great decision to stay in Sevilla for the wkend. Sounds like it was very enjoyable! The river sounds soooo relaxing and fun! Mama showed me the pic of the little mouse drinking out of the wine glass! Sooo cute! I thought the sardine plate looked soooo good! I love sardines! The pics you showed were so cute! Can’t wait to hear where life takes you next wkend! Stay safe and happy travels!! XOXO

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