My International Group and “The African Doctor”

This semester, my international group is the “Foreign Film Club.” This group has only had one meeting this far, although I am sure that another is on the horizon. The meeting took place on Thursday, February 23rd. There was pizza, and we watched the movie “The African Doctor.” Actually, correction, we did not get to watch the film. After about an hour of messing with several AV cords and brainstorming potential solutions, we were forced to quit. That, however, did not stop me! I went home and immediately watched the film. I was pleasantly surprised by the humor in the comedy-drama, as I was expecting it to be sad. The film is about a man from Africa who attends a French medical school. After being offered a prestigious job working as a personal doctor to the president, the doctor decides to take a job in a small village. Although his family is disappointed that they are living in such a small and rural area, he slowly becomes one of the best doctors in the region. I really enjoyed this film. It was a comedic take on a serious subject. The doctor, Dr. Zantoko, deals with a variety of issues, all of which he takes with a grain of salt. This keeps the movie very lighthearted, which was refreshing!

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