International Event #1: LATINO FLAVOR!

Today I attended the Latino Flavor event in the Union Ballroom! I had lots of fun and got to try new foods from several different countries. At the buffet, each food had the name of the food and the country that it was from. It was very interesting and I was so happy to have the opportunity to try foods from all over the world. I had a tamale, some queso blanco, and a delicious piece of tres leches cake. There were also some unique drink options, although I did not get to try them.

The event was very loud and exciting; there were performers on a stage throughout. While I was there, there was a performer singing traditional songs, including La Bomba. She was very impressive and had everyone on their feet and clapping!

I also got a really cool t-shirt. It says “Let’s give them something to TACO-bout.” How cute is that?


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