International Event: UWC Scholar Dinner

Last Tuesday I had the opportunity to attend a dinner with UWC Scholars from across campus. UWC (United World Colleges) is a global educational program that includes students from across the world. I am fortunate enough to attend a University that has many UWC Students because of a wonderful scholarship program that the University offers.

The dinner was hosted at the Tri Delta house. We ate burgers and apple pie and discussed everything from campus news to international world relations. I enjoyed hearing about what the UWC scholars missed about their home countries, their experiences in an international boarding school, and their experiences on OU’s campus. It was interesting hearing about American University life from another perspective. It was also interesting because all of the UWC Scholars at my table were freshman, so I was able to hear about their experience transitioning from their previous educational experiences to their time at OU.

I am very thankful to go to a school with opportunities to hear from and meet students with international backgrounds.

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