International Post: The Museum of Memory and Tolerance

In Mexico City this past summer, I got to visit the Museum of Memory and Tolerance. This museum was absolutely fascinating and one of my favorite experiences from Puebla. One of the temporary exhibits, however, has stuck with me in the past few months. The exhibit was about Mexican immigrants to the United States. Clearly, this is a very relevant topic at the moment. The exhibit showed instances of violence against immigrants in the United States, and urged the necessity and impact of compassion. With new administration, the past few months have been difficult for immigrants. This exhibit is in the back of my mind at all times when I see divisive rhetoric or hateful words. This exhibit has stuck with me for the months since I returned from Puebla, and it probably will for the rest of my life. I wish that all of America had the opportunity to visit the Museum of Memory and Tolerance and see this exhibit. It was truly eye-opening and impactful.

International Post: La Lengua de las Mariposas

I recently watched a movie, in Spanish, called “La Lengua de las Mariposas,” or The Language of the Butterflies. I really enjoyed this movie, so I thought that I would take a moment and reflect on it. The movie focuses on the life of a young boy, Moncho. The boy is living in a particularly challenging time – the Spanish Civil War has just begun. The movie is a coming of age film that focuses on the boy “finding himself” in a difficult time. Moncho has a teacher in school who he builds a relationship with. The teacher has untraditional views and Moncho can pick up on that. The boy is in a challenging place and is wondering about the future of his family and country. The boy is developing his ideas, beliefs, and thoughts as the movie continues. This movie made me think about how the 2016 election affected children. I actually wrote a paper for my Spanish class about this topic. Researching and writing this paper, especially in Spanish, was a breath of fresh air among all of my business coursework. It made me want to take more political, globally-minded courses.

International Event: Pasta Making with Luccio

For my first international event,  I went to a pasta making class taught by Luccio, OUA’s student service coordinator. Pasta was surprisingly easy to make and I was amazed by how simple the recipe was. Even the ravioli wasn’t too difficult! This past weekend, I went home and made pasta for my mom. This time it was much more difficult than how I had remember ed it in class. Although my pasta pieces were rather misshapen, my mom made a great sauce to go with them. It was a great meal, overall. I enjoyed learning something at OU that I was able to bring back to my home. I will definitely be attending the pasta making class again next year, if I am able!

International Event #3: Mr and Miss Hispanic OU

I attended the Mr and Miss Hispanic OU Pageant on Saturday, April 22nd. At the parent, participants competed in several categories including talent, cultural presentation, formal wear, and an interview. The presentation was very interesting and culturally relevant. Much of the presentation, in fact, was in Spanish. The cultural presentations varied in composition. One competitor read a monologue about the struggles of not being a citizen of the United States. Other participants recited slam poetry, did a cultural dance, and presented photography from their home country. In the interview portion, the contestants were asked a single question. Most of the questions asked pertained to the struggle of the Hispanic population in America today. These questions addressed a variety of topics ranging from sexual assault in the Hispanic population, to the use of technology in today’s population.

All of the competitors were fantastic, however, the winners of the pageant were very deserving. They had clearly prepared and worked very hard to perfect their performances.

International Event #2: Career Benefits of Studying Abroad Seminar

I attended an informational session entitled the Career Benefits of Studying Abroad. This event was hosted by the Price College of Business. This was a very helpful session, as it explained how studying abroad is beneficial in the long-run and how to study abroad as a Business Major. This event made studying abroad seem much more realistic and gave me the opportunity to see several options that would help me advance in my business coursework and have a study abroad experience. The person giving the presentation noted on an opportunity at the University of Seville. There is a fantastic semester-long business program there. This is something that I am very interested in. In the seminar, the speaker also discussed how students that have studied abroad in college generally have a higher starting salary than their counterparts. How cool is that — I get to have the time of my life studying abroad AND get paid more for it??? Sign me up!

My International Group and “The African Doctor”

This semester, my international group is the “Foreign Film Club.” This group has only had one meeting this far, although I am sure that another is on the horizon. The meeting took place on Thursday, February 23rd. There was pizza, and we watched the movie “The African Doctor.” Actually, correction, we did not get to watch the film. After about an hour of messing with several AV cords and brainstorming potential solutions, we were forced to quit. That, however, did not stop me! I went home and immediately watched the film. I was pleasantly surprised by the humor in the comedy-drama, as I was expecting it to be sad. The film is about a man from Africa who attends a French medical school. After being offered a prestigious job working as a personal doctor to the president, the doctor decides to take a job in a small village. Although his family is disappointed that they are living in such a small and rural area, he slowly becomes one of the best doctors in the region. I really enjoyed this film. It was a comedic take on a serious subject. The doctor, Dr. Zantoko, deals with a variety of issues, all of which he takes with a grain of salt. This keeps the movie very lighthearted, which was refreshing!

International Event #1: LATINO FLAVOR!

Today I attended the Latino Flavor event in the Union Ballroom! I had lots of fun and got to try new foods from several different countries. At the buffet, each food had the name of the food and the country that it was from. It was very interesting and I was so happy to have the opportunity to try foods from all over the world. I had a tamale, some queso blanco, and a delicious piece of tres leches cake. There were also some unique drink options, although I did not get to try them.

The event was very loud and exciting; there were performers on a stage throughout. While I was there, there was a performer singing traditional songs, including La Bomba. She was very impressive and had everyone on their feet and clapping!

I also got a really cool t-shirt. It says “Let’s give them something to TACO-bout.” How cute is that?