My first full day in Spain was rather exciting! We got up early and headed off to Córdoba, which is about 2 hours away.

The coolest part of Córdoba is easily the massive Mosque-Cathedral located in the city center. The Mosque was built when Spain was under Muslim rule. When Córdoba returned to Christian rule in the thirteenth century, however, the local rulers thought something along the lines of this “Wow, this Moorish architecture is actually really SWELL. Let’s keep it and add onto it and incorporate Christian influences and it’ll be really fabulous.” And now, after three additions to the original Mosque, it is easily one of the most stunning cathedrals that I have ever seen. My favorite part about the Cathedral was all the light that ran through it. You could see sunlight flooding each room in visible beams. I tried to capture that in one of the photos below, but it’s not really something that can be photographed. You just gotta see it in person, ya know? 

In addition to the fabulous Cathedral, Córdoba also has a vast variety of small stores, tapas restaurants, and (my favorite) orange trees!! There are also orange trees all over Sevilla, but they seem a little more magical in Córdoba. Apparently they’re bitter, but I’m still tempted to taste one…

Okay last thing – flowers are a big component of Córdoba’s winding-street aesthetic. I must say, I’m a big fan. There’s these precious little blue pots all over the place and down every street.

El Primer Día

I never thought that I would actually be able to say this but…..I made it to Sevilla! After a whole heck of an airport mess (thanks United) and two extra days spent in Norman, I am here and I could not be more grateful! As soon as I got to Sevilla, I hopped in a taxi and went straight to my host family’s house. As pulled up to the building, I was in shock that everything had gone so smoothly. I was so ecstatic, so much so that I accidentally tipped the driver 30 EU (I don’t even think you’re supposed to tip taxi drivers here, but tbh I was just so glad to get there it didn’t even matter).

I then got unpacked and met my host mom. I then set out to do some exploring of my own. I got lost and ended up in a really cool part of town, then found my way back home. I was too worried my phone might die (gotta save some reserve in case I needed to stop into a WiFi location to GPS myself home, ya know) to take any pictures, but I’m sure I’ll end up back in the area soon.