International Event #3: Mr and Miss Hispanic OU

I attended the Mr and Miss Hispanic OU Pageant on Saturday, April 22nd. At the parent, participants competed in several categories including talent, cultural presentation, formal wear, and an interview. The presentation was very interesting and culturally relevant. Much of the presentation, in fact, was in Spanish. The cultural presentations varied in composition. One competitor read a monologue about the struggles of not being a citizen of the United States. Other participants recited slam poetry, did a cultural dance, and presented photography from their home country. In the interview portion, the contestants were asked a single question. Most of the questions asked pertained to the struggle of the Hispanic population in America today. These questions addressed a variety of topics ranging from sexual assault in the Hispanic population, to the use of technology in today’s population.

All of the competitors were fantastic, however, the winners of the pageant were very deserving. They had clearly prepared and worked very hard to perfect their performances.

International Event #2: Career Benefits of Studying Abroad Seminar

I attended an informational session entitled the Career Benefits of Studying Abroad. This event was hosted by the Price College of Business. This was a very helpful session, as it explained how studying abroad is beneficial in the long-run and how to study abroad as a Business Major. This event made studying abroad seem much more realistic and gave me the opportunity to see several options that would help me advance in my business coursework and have a study abroad experience. The person giving the presentation noted on an opportunity at the University of Seville. There is a fantastic semester-long business program there. This is something that I am very interested in. In the seminar, the speaker also discussed how students that have studied abroad in college generally have a higher starting salary than their counterparts. How cool is that — I get to have the time of my life studying abroad AND get paid more for it??? Sign me up!